St. Germain Academy, one of the oldest and reputed educational institutions in Bangalore, was started in 1944, and since then it has moulded and shaped thousands of young men, of whom many are excelling in their respective careers.

It was the year 2012,where another feather was added to the cap of St. Germain by Msgr. S Jayanathan, who is a great educationalist and a visionary who felt the need of the hour. It was also a Turning Point in the history of this mighty Institution, which became co-ed. The main reason being that the Archdiocesan Board of Education (ABE) wanted a Nursery section to be opened with induction of the girl child. The ABE believes that co- education creates a feeling of comradeship as it advocates the teaching of both the male and female sex in the same institution without showing any discrimination in imparting education which is holistic, healthier and more beneficial.

1st of June 2012, was a memorable day in the history of our Institutions, as our beloved Archbishop, Most Rev.Dr. Bernard Moras who was also the Patron of St. Germain Academy Blessed and Inaugurated the Nursery School in the same campus. It was the Brain Child of Msgr. S Jayanathan and his excellent skills in space management to start the Nursery School, making the best use of the resources available.

We know co- education helps students feel comfortable about who they are and have a healthy and positive attitude and self-image. Research also shows that students in co- education schools grow to be confident expressing their views in the presence of members of the opposite sex, and it also creates conducive atmosphere for mutual respect, interaction and healthy competition with the opposite gender. Our experience shows that collaboration between the sexes in the class room helps develop confidence in students.

Moreover, it is also convenient for the parents to send their children to the same school. Our teachers experienced that boys and girls sitting together in the same class room and working together on home work assignments provide them the opportunity to learn from each other intellectually, as well as socially.


  • The Nursery school has 6 sections having 6 classrooms cum an activity room and play area. The class rooms have individual chairs and tables for the students. The Nursery section has a total of 252 students, out of which 204 are boys and 48 are girls. The classrooms have a notice board and a smart board too.
  • The activity room has ample space to conduct activities. The mini hall has a television for the students to view National Geography or cartoon to break the monotony of regular classroom teaching.
  • The aquarium at the entrance enhances the curiosity of the kids as they are excited to watch the aquatic animals. The television on the corridor is used in the morning for the kids as they come in.
  • The Nursery section also have toys which are given to the children every day in the afternoon as a play way method of teaching.
  • The nursery section has a separate office with a computer system, facilitating the faculty in their work
    The Nursery Section has a separate school bus, this facility is used by the students of the Nursery section, which is a part of school transport system.


  • At St. Germain Nursery School equal importance is given to the holistic development of the kids. It caters to their physical, intellectual, spiritual and social needs of the little ones. The school aims at promoting the same by providing ample opportunity and conducting activities spread throughout the year.
  • The academic year begins with the orientation program for the parent, briefing them on the various departments and programs of the school.
  • Investiture Ceremony in the month of June, for the nursery students along with the whole school shows the importance given to the little ones to come out with their leadership qualities.
  • The month of July is a beehive of activities. The Grandparents’ day is organized for the students of the nursery section. This is to inculcate values like, respect for elders, helping them and to learn from their experience.
  • We also have Solo Dance Competition, Picture Talk Contest Cooking without fire- Smart Cooking, Spell Bee to name a few and Special assemblies conducted periodically.