St. Germain Computer Academy is a complete training institute which as a wide range of job oriented courses. We have full-fledged professionals who would share their wisdom and knowledge to cater to the needs of the students. This training institute has wide variety of career, short term and certificate courses designed for the learning and career needs of students, working professionals and others.

St. Germain Computer Academy was blessed and inaugurated by His grace Dr. Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangaluru on 14th Dec, 2013 and this institution was pioneered by Msgr. S. Jayanathan, Director of St. Germain’s Academy.

St. Germain Computer Academy’s Mission is to develop and enhance the opportunities for the students wherein they will be able to utilize the best with their capabilities and skills.

St. Germain Computer Academy’s Goal is to successfully educate and prepare individuals seeking a career in Information Technology.

As you all know we live in a fast-moving digital world wherein computer technology is playing an important role in our day to day lives of everyone. We are well aware that computers are used in every walks of life in various fields such as business, pharmacy, information technology, music, education, engineering, defense, transformation, and so many areas as they help to ease certain tasks, provides high tech information which is quicker and faster. As computers are widely used today, acquiring computer education is the need of the hour today.

It includes common application programs such as Microsoft Excel, Power point and Notepad etc., they should know how to go online, check their email account, and send mails. As you know most of the jobs are posted online, and how can a person respond to an online application without knowing computers? With the internet, we can obtain information, exchange messages, and perform rapidly other important tasks.

Mrs. Farhathunissa Ansari

If you are passionate about a career in digital and information technology, hardware and networking, or banking and finance, St. Germain Computer Academy can help you get the right skills to follow your passion.