Dear Germainites, Parents, members of Staff, Alumni and Well-wishers,

This is a landmark year in the history of St. Germain Academy, as we embark on The Platinum Jubilee Year. As we look back at the past, we have much reason to celebrate Seventy-Five glorious years of excellence in world class education, unparalleled success in academics, innumerable achievements in sports and cultural activities. I recall with delight my predecessors whose invaluable contribution has immensely shaped the character of St. Germain Academy. They have left an indelible mark on every sphere of the holistic education we provide at St. Germain Academy.

Apart from pursing academic excellence, St. Germain Academy also lays great emphasis on sports. We offer football, hockey, cricket and basketball coaching. We have also begun a Gymnastics club.

As educators we understand that moral values and civic responsibilities are at the very core of education. We have inaugurated the ‘G3 Programme‘ at St. Germain Academy – “Germainites Go Green” in collaboration with Jana Graha, Which is headed by an alumnus of our school. We are all poised to become an environment friendly school. Our school will soon become a zero plastic zone, we will segregate recyclable wastes, compost organic waste and thus recycle, promoting eco-education and eco-spirituality in our students.

In addition, we plan to introduce artificial intelligence, robotics and other opportunities for students to sharpen their skills to face the whole new world. We are in the process of reintroducing NCC, Scouts and Guides. We have formed a Literary Club and Arts Club. The Bangalore City Chamber Orchestra, Led by an alumnus of our school, performed a musical concert, wherein, students were introduced to Western Classical Music. We will soon encourage photography, Yoga and Taekwondo.

Our goal is not merely to score distinctions and medallions, but through these instruments we want to form men and women of moral fibre and character who will in turn become agents of change in the world to realize the Mahatma’s dream of wiping every tear from every eye”.

Rev. Dr. Christopher Vimalraj Hiruthya