St. Germain Community College is aiming at educating and empowering the underprivileged the unemployed adults and the High School/PUC dropouts. It also helps them enhance their literacy and provides them with opportunity for employment.

St. Germain Community College is a unique venture pioneered by Msgr.S. Jayanathan with an holistic formation catering to the needs of those completed 8th std to post graduates, failed, dropouts and passed, 17years and above, of poor and middle class, belonging to various religious faiths etc.,

St. Germain Community College has been started as a response to the request of the dropouts around the city. This Community College envisages reaching out to a large number of people in the days to come.

The candidates who opt to be educated at St. Germain Community College not only get training in various skills, but also in language facilities such as communication skills, spoken English, basic Kannada, basic knowledge in Computers, and life coping skills such as basic Tailoring, Counseling, Tally and many more.

St. Germain Community College is a hope to the hopeless. It offers another chance or an opportunity for people in life. It wishes to give best to the least and enhance their knowledge of the underprivileged to face the society.

Objective of St. Germain Community College

1. To help dropout students to be educated.

2. To assist underprivileged students to get job in the society.

3. It gives an opportunity to less fortunate ones to be self employed.

Mr. Augustine Mahilange