St. Germain Coaching centre is aimed at helping the Students who are unable to cope with the ICSE Syllabus. The Coaching Classes will help the Students fair well in their tests and examinations, and become confident to take up any academic challenges now and later.

St. Germain Coaching Centre was inaugurated on 6th August, 2018 by Msgr. S. Jayanathan, Director of St. Germain Academy.


  • To provide personal attention to slow learners.
  • To assist Students whose parents are working or illiterate or having no specific subject – based knowledge.
  • To help Students to be on par with their peer group.


  • To enhance confidence for a better outlook on life and an all-round development of the child.
  • To develop knowledge, understanding, application and skills based on ICSE Syllabus.
  • The parents were happy with the beginning of the coaching center but were informed that coaching classes does not ensure automatic promotion of your ward to the next class.

Under the coaching classes we have also introduced:

  • Dance Class- Free style , B Boying, Hip hop, Contemporary and Folk.
  • Music Class- Guitar, Drums and Keyboard.
  • French Class for beginners- 3 months Course.
  • CET and NEET Entrance Exam. Coaching classes for PUC Students.

Mrs. Maria Prathiba

  • Mary Anitha
  • Usha Tushir
  • Sharuleen Francis
  • Manju S
  • Anuncia
  • Vimal
  • Mary Geeta